Our Approach

Businesses Are Like Snowflakes

If there’s one thing that forty years of experience has taught us, it’s that no two businesses are the same.

With this in mind, all staff who have a role in an account have a full understanding of the operations of the Client’s business and are chosen for their specialist skills in being able to respond to the particular needs of that Client.

Beyond this, each of the Clients within our firm have their account controlled by a Principal and Equity holder within our firm.

With Clients that have a Head Office and Operating Divisions, it is our approach to develop a relationship at both levels in order to ensure a full understanding of the risks involved and allow an effective reporting and feedback structure in relation to the implementation of risk management processes throughout the Organisation.

Risk Profiles: One Size Does Not Fit All

At Quattro Risk Services, we consider ourselves to be tailors of risk management solutions. Our focus is always to accurately assess the individual risk profile of each of our Clients before designing a bespoke solution that appropriately addresses the exposures.

Simply arranging an Insurance Policy does not address the real issues affecting a Client’s business and their risk profile. It is necessary to develop a solution that will work for the medium to long term, not simply provide an apparent solution designed to attend to the insurance needs of “this year”.

We achieve these results with our Clients by working closely with all levels of management to identify areas of risk within the business. We determine the best way to deal with that risk and then design, implement and monitor a fitting risk management strategy to address the issues that have been identified.

This approach also serves to familiarise employees within the Client’s organization with the concept of Risk Management and the role that an Insurance Programme plays in conjunction with the operation of the business.

We Stand By Your Claims

It is our firm belief that the value of any Insurance Programme lies in its ability to respond quickly and efficiently to claims.

Through the successful settlement of many claims over the years, we have proven our ability to design programmes that achieve this result.

As part of our role we assist Clients to prepare and submit claims as well as follow the progress of all claims to ensure the best possible resolution in the least possible time.