Corporate Profile

At Quattro Risk Services, our goal is to forge long-term relationships that allow us to adopt the role of ‘trusted advisor’ to our Clients and their organisations. In the most practical terms: we strive to position ourselves as our clients’ ‘Insurance Department’ through hard work, genuine commitment and best practice execution.

As Insurance Brokers, Risk Management Consultants, Financial Service Providers and Reinsurance Brokers, we specialise in providing personalised, professional and accurate advice and service across all facets of Insurance and related issues.

When partnering with Quattro Risk Services, our Clients begin a relationship with an organisation with a history of over 40 years in the Australian Insurance Industry.

We work closely with clients – at both operational and management levels – in order to gain a full understanding of day to day operations and to assist them in meeting all requirements in relation to Insurance, Financial Services and Risk Management.

The Financial Services Reform Act has put measures in place to ensure that your appointed broker is duly authorised to represent your commercial insurance interests. The licensing regime is as onerous as it is thorough and the Quattro Risk Services group was one of the first to have secured its license in this new era of accountability.