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Listed Events, Accidental Damage, Special Valuables

The Australian Dream is to live in our own home. Having achieved this dream, or being on track to achieve it, it is essential that we do what we can to protect it. Comprehensive Home & Contents Insurance is designed to ensure that when the unexpected occurs that we do not lose what we have worked so hard to achieve.

From a straightforward Listed Events cover to a Fully Comprehensive cover including Accidental Damage  & Special Valuables there is a suitable solution to every need. Whether you are renting and just require contents insurance or need to insure both your home and contents, we’ve got you covered.

Motor Vehicle Insurance

We can arrange Comprehensive Motor Vehicle Insurance for all types of Vehicles, at a cost commensurate with that being charged by ‘Direct Insurers’ with the significant added advantage of providing the support of a highly qualified Insurance Broker to advocate on your behalf in the event of queries or claims.

Landlords Insurance Covers

Comprehensive cover for Landlords in relation to both Short & Long Term Rental Properties. This cover protects the building and contents owned by Landlords together with liability exposures connected with being the owner of a rental property.

Strata Buildings Insurance

Comprehensive Protection for Strata Buildings and Common Contents, extended to include Liability protection for common areas and also protection for members of Body Corporate Committees.

Boat Insurance & Pleasure Craft Cover

Protection in relation to loss of or damage to Hulls and Liability Protection for all types of Pleasure craft from the good old “Tinny” to Luxury Motor Yachts..

Travel Insurance

Essential cover for anyone planning to travel overseas. Coverage in relation to Medical Expenses, Medical Evactuation, Lost Deposits, Lost Baggage and cover for Hire Car Damage Excesses are just a few of the valuable benefits provided by this extremely important class of Insurance.

Overseas Medical, Dental

For people living overseas as expatriate employees this form of cover is essentially the replacement of Medicare and Private Health Insurance wrapped up in a single product. When living overseas with a family this cover provides extremely comprehensive and valuable protection together with piece of mind in relation to yourself and your loved ones in the event that medical assistance is ever required.

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